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The Island

Robinson Crusoe Island is a secluded Fiji Beach Resort surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, coral reefs, a long white sandy beach, traditional thatched Bures,  island music, fresh tropical fruits, fresh locally caught fish and friendly pacific islanders. This and much more awaits you on the shores of Robinson Crusoe Island.


A few miles north of Natadola Beach on Fiji's Coral Coast and only 40 minutes drive from Nadi, this 25 acre island paradise lies only 10 minutes across the bay from Viti Levu in calm clear waters. Access is boat only and includes a 30 minute river cruise followed by a short trip across the lagoon.



The sacred island of Likuri also known as Robinson Crusoe Island has an amazing history which dates back 3,500 years to when the First Polynesians landed their huge outrigger canoes on the shores of the Fiji Islands.  Almost 500 years later, the next wave of people landed, these were the Melanesians. Today the indigenous Fijians are descendants from a mix of the two cultures - Polynesians and Melanesians. Since those early days Likuri Island was used for traditional ceremonies and chiefly gatherings. In fact it was almost solely used for the chief's pleasure, a custom which was handed down from generation to generation. Only recently has the island been opened up for tourism thanks to the High Chief - Ka Levu Tui Nadroga and the chiefly family who have become our partners in this very successful eco cultural budget resort.

Island Map