Your Culture Adventure Begins Here...

Located on Likuri Island , Robinson Crusoe offers memorable cultural experiences in a laid back beachside setting. The island and the surrounding area are steeped in historical significance, with ancient pottery dating back 3,500 years found nearby. The island was largely uninhabited prior to the 1980s, and historically it was reserved as a sacred island for ceremonies as well as a place of recreation for the paramount Chief of the area. 

Aside from the unspoilt, natural beauty that the island has to offer, it's the adventurous and fun activities that really make the Robinson Crusoe Island experience special. From snorkelling and kayaking in the bay to medicine tours and coconut tree climbing, Robinson Crusoe offers both traditional resort activities and engaging cultural activities

In 1998, a Samoan Chief's son from the island of Savaii, brought the gift of fire dancing to the Island, and Robinson Crusoe became well known for its spectacular performances. There are day shows every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and night shows every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Visit our tours page for more information.

The resort has 14 affordable island-style Fijian bungalows known as Bures (boo-rays) as well as full resort facilities. Due to its unique location, Robinson Crusoe enjoys access to the majestic reefs and surf breaks of the Mamanuca Islands, as well the Coral Coast's thrilling activities such as Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka Sand Dunes, and Natadola Golf Course.

Island Aerial

Getting to the Island

Robinson Crusoe's mainland jetty is located close to Natadola beach on the Coral Coast, and it takes 45 minutes to get to the jetty from Nadi. Once you arrive at the jetty it is a 30 minute calm water cruise down the Tuva River to get to Robinson Crusoe Island Resort. There are regular scheduled transfers to the island each day, however off-schedule private transfers can be arranged at any time of the day or night. For further information please visit our transfers page.

Mai Kana - Let's Eat!

Robinson Crusoe’s authentic island philosophy extends to cuisine. Meals at the resort are served buffet style by the beach with a variety of dishes to choose from. Ingredients are locally sourced and are mostly organic. The resort caters for vegetarians, and most food allergies can be accommodated if adequate notice is provided. The resort prepares many of its meals “lovo” style, whereby meat, fish and root-crop vegetables are wrapped in banana and coconut leaves and buried under hot rocks for several hours. This gives the food a distinctly smoky taste that is unique to the pacific.